The Rainy Monday

Life is but a series of stages, and 2011 was, for me, the beginning of one of them (2011-2013). Together with my colleague Iñaki Cabrera (copy) we founded The Rainy Monday. With great enthusiasm but low business vision, we were a duo working from the heart with the innocence of two very young souls. Bearing all this in mind, we needed to put to paper all those things which made us different from the rest and present ourselves to the world. Who said that Monday sucks was a way of justifying the studio’s name, a claim to individuality and own ideas, and a starting point to explain everything related to The Rainy Monday.

(By the way, we were awarded a silver Laus in the self-promotion category by Adg-Fad)

It’s very difficult to make a creative piece, talking about yourself. The result was our essence. A piece without promising anything, but saying a lot. A piece whose only intention is to strip and let others know us, know who we are, where we came from and where we can go together. We wanted to say: we are just like this, as you can see. We were always like this and we will always try to be the same, unique in our own way ... Do you know someone who believes a rainy Monday is a great opportunity to create, for example, a sunny Tuesday?