Vertigo Motors

Vertigo is a dream to bring trial motorcycles to the next level. It is love for a minority, not very accessible and highly difficult sport. It is pure exclusivity and an irrefutable evidence showing there are no impossible dreams. Vertigo is a motorcycle brand which embodies Manel Jané’s idea (its founder) for this fairly unknown and demanding sport.

Advertising Vertigo Combat 2017 new models was a challenge for the Brand due to a very exclusive and connoisseur public. The fact of it being a minority sport is an authenticity symbol and it appeals to all of those practising it. This was the reason why we created the concept Pure fighting spirit to promote a motorcycle as a symbol for a discipline, created by trail lovers for trial lovers.

Art direction

We had to seduce while, at the same time, being really thorough with the product’s explanations and characteristics. Show its main essence and create a context to help us achieve our goal. The black background helped us in highlighting the product and creating a unique atmosphere, shapes and shadows, light and dark, a game of seduction to explain and to make people fall in love.