Re (from lat. Re). Two letters which are not only a prefix but have a thousand different meanings: integration, increase, resistance, opposition, reversal of the meaning, doing something again, growth, reciprocity, beginning of an action, durability, continuity or placing something on a new condition.

Twig casts, Escofet’s workshop, Martorell 2012.

Re-production reflects the challenge of renovating Escofet’s technical catalogue, their most important piece. The idea came from two simple letters, those of the Re- prefix.

Re- as a conceptual basis to explain the philosophy of a brand with more than 125 years’ experience in transforming and renovating urban landscape with its pieces. We created new concepts to name each product range in a pleasant and easy way.

The global concept is the answer to the brand’s need for positioning and distinction from competitors. Each product has its own soul and general statement. Each product line representation is unique and comes with a small text acting as a presentation and defining Escofet’s way of creating and designing each of their elements. Every Re- allows the reader to learn a bit more about Escofet’s insights and particularities.