Quaranta tacos

Truth be told, it is always annoying and a dilemma to work with family. But sometimes you want to leave your mark, and you might be offended when not asked to do so. My cousin Clàudia Maluenda 40th birthday is one of those times.

(For which we were awarded, by Adg-Fad, a LAUS bronze award for poster design)

Bearing in mind that celebrating one’s birthday is standard practise, I made some posters for hers toying with the expression Quaranta Tacos (Forty Tacos in Spanish, were tacos is slang for years). The idea was to make turning 40 into something normal and not dreadful, using the literality and expression of things which are also tacos. A limited series which could turn into an unlimited one in which turning 40 only means adding one more year. In the end, turning 40 isn’t that important, and all of us ready to celebrate them have long learnt to laugh at ourselves.

Power and literalism of an idea above the quality of the finishes, flashy materials, expensive productions and major clients/brands.