I imagine this is what you’re most interested in. This is where we, the designers, compete to see who does it better, probably thinking about our professional colleagues and not about you, dear visitor, client and/or future client.

The trading card is only a result of it and, sometimes, it might not be what it seems. But I can understand your need to see them, even more if we have to work together. That’s why the solutions you’ll see are from published, non-published, discarded, unfinished or filed projects; I can see now you prefer to see better than to understand.

It shouldn’t be this way but, sometimes, for a project to be approved or rejected, an unfortunate subjective decision must be taken. I won’t show you here any of those decisions where, why would I deny it, I disagree 99% of the time.

Now it is time to imagine what I can do for you.