Martín Brok

Martín Brok (formerly Martín Brok 14 correduría de seguros Martín y Cachón. Yes, it might look like a joke, but it is not) is an insurance brokerage from Barcelona with more than 30 years of experience. And, just like most of its competition, it has a brand only because of a single fact: the day they created the company, a name was required. Unlike some years ago, nowadays companies face clients who are more demanding and critical than before, which is why Martín Brok thought about repositioning its own brand.

The naming was the first thing we adjusted. All the different namings, resulting from their different stages through the years, created a sense of confusion and an obvious identity problem. We chose to shrink the name to the basics: Martín (reference to the name), Brok (reference to the activity “Brokers"). This ensemble gave a name, someone you could trust with very enlightening initials in Spanish and Catalan: MB (muy bién, molt bé, very good).

A state of mind as a value proposal.

Estar muy bien (to feel very good) means to be in the optimal frame of mind where you can handle your issues and/or responsibilities (or anything you might want to handle) with the peace of mind and confidence they deserve. To make it simple, it means to be covered.

Martín Brok is bases the quality of their services in the proximity to their clients, so we needed to humanise and customise its brand in order to reach their potential clients. Usually, insurance brokerages centre their communications, almost systematically, on their products and competitiveness with offers/promotions with regard to its competitors. We needed to change this paradigm and centre all of our communications for the benefit of our clients and their needs: to feel safe, to be well cared for, to be in good hands. Ultimately, to be covered.