Jordi Autonell

Jordi Autonell is a plumber with more than 20 years of experience and a strong belief in a sustainable future. He knows he needs to redirect his activity for his survival and that of the world we live in. He takes a chance on sustainable energies and biomass heating, so he needs a new expression for his personal brand.

We created a symbol associated to the person, for it is there were the importance of his business and as a professional lay. We combined this fact with the essence of his present and future activity, sustainable energies, and we took wood as a symbol for sustainable fuel. From here, the name and surname letters were created as an outline for the brand’s content.

Using Energetic Efficiency we created Lampisteria Energètica (energetic plumbing), value and quality with the best service, the plumbing we all know adapted to new times and trends.