Flavoured adventures

Vidalpons and Boqueria Market in Barcelona. A relationship with more than 100 years of history. A market and a family business which cannot be understood separately. Being market people means more than running a business. The staging and the buyer’s experience are vital in selling the product, two attributes which make the experience of buying in one of the 5 stalls Vidalpons has a memorable one.

With a wide range of product and different stalls, Vidalpons needs a summarising exercise to communicate their product offer while making it more understandable. A unique opportunity to better comprehend what they do and how they do it.

Nine images were created to act as a symbol for each product’s category. Each one of them is an obsession to make tangible the brand’s idea and the promise of Flavoured Adventures. A unique experience proposal connecting both the product and the buyer which strengthens the importance of staging a product in the market. The focus relies on the experience of recreating new worlds more than in the product itself.

Fruit and vegetables

Exotic fruit





Dehydrated fruits

Dried fruit

Caramelized fruits